In April we had our 5th Annual Autism in the Arts Show.  It featured Shane’s art which he does with his art teacher Julie Stover, of ArtHouse Kids.  We had autism awareness bracelets which Shane made sure that everyone got and proudly showed off his art work.  He sold 90 pieces of art and other products such as greeting cards, totes, tea towels and phone case that have his art on them.  With the help of the attendees we were able to raise $10,000 for Autism Speaks!!!




About Shane Tarkington


The move to Union Middle School had a lot of moving parts. PE clothes changes, class rooms across the school, lunch wherever he wanted. He blossomed from the experience! He had a core group of friends that come over that are typical and a few on the spectrum The Union philosophy (from the top down) embraced him and he felt safe and we felt lucky that he had so many people that looked out for him. A parent’s worst nightmare is the bully factor. He was getting his own lunch at school. He went to his first dance at Halloween. I totally cried! Everyone was super nice and welcoming to him. Girls asked him to dance. It was an amazing night. At the end of the night he thanked me for helping him conquer his fear of the school dance.

Freshman year at Leigh High School, Shane went to his first high school dance. For three hours he danced his heart out. He joined the video game club and the Sisters and Misters Club of Society. He took high school in for all he could. We loved that he wanted to be apart of the typical social events. He endured football games which he doesn’t even like to watch but because it’s what his friends were doing, he did it. They made posters and painted hand prints on their legs and arms. He was all in!

When we started Autism in the Arts Show six years ago, we never expected it to grow like it has.  With the expansion of Shane’s business to “Out of the Envelope” in Los Gatos, it has taken on a new direction.  Coupling with his private instructor, Julie Stover of ArtHouse Kids and Mary Guercio, owner of “Out of the Envelope”, we are looking forward to many more opportunities to show Shane’s art in different ways.

Shane is a thriving adult, who enjoys his friends, taking college classes and working the room at his art shows. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting his cause and engaging him in a successful future.  We feel blessed to be in a community that brings life to others.


Shane as the 2018 Homecoming King!